Why are we here?

rockfaceboostblurTHE PROBLEM

Deep in the night, Indiana Jones runs for his life, panting with exhaustion. Behind him are angry voices and the rumbling motors of Nazi military vehicles in the distance. His feet fly through the dust on the road before him–a road to nowhere. He pauses, sweat pouring from his brow, and doubles over, fanning himself with his hat and trying to catch his breath. And then onward he flees, until … a fork in the road. He skids to a stop and peers at the weathered pole, trying to make out faded lettering on tattered signs: Timbuktu, this way–>, Berlin, that way–> He gives a heavy sigh of relief. Finally! Some direction!

The sex addiction/recovery/loved one’s process is so long and complicated. And we are constantly changing direction. Don’t we feel like Indiana Jones–haggard, exhausted, and disoriented? We’re always coming back to the crossroads:

“I’m a parent trying to prepare and protect my children in the face of this stuff! Where do I go for help?” To the crossroads. We’ll help you.

“I’m an addict. I need help. Where do I go?” To the crossroads. Find a direction and follow it that way.

“I’m a loved one. I don’t need to go the same direction as my addict. Where do I go?” To the crossroads. Find your own direction and follow it the other way.

“But I’m a female addict. Is there special help for me?” Yes! Head to the crossroads. We’ll help set you on the path…

“I’m an addict who is also trying to cope with childhood sexual abuse. Where do I go?” To the crossroads. Find your direction and follow it.

“Now I’m divorced after being married to an addict.” Back to the crossroads for a new direction…

“Now I’m trying to co-parent with a sex-addict…” Here you are, back again. But there’s still a way, and we’ll help you find it…

And so the journey goes…


Footprints on the beachNot every road is going to work for every person. Each path is unique and will feature different obstacles. Some travelers will want faith-based answers, some will need an emotional connection, some will search for a political cause in an effort to take action–for others a nonpolitical non-religeous organization might be best. CROSSROADS is a network that puts all these options at your fingertips. We are a magnet for resources of all shapes and sizes. Big, small, red, blue? We don’t care. We want to reach out and connect with everyone we can.

We’ve been around for a while, and we’ve seen a pattern: Sometimes people in this field (no matter whether they are victims or activists) get a little lost in their own sphere. They feel discouraged and alone–like they are fighting for a lost cause. They don’t know–or they forget–that there are thousands of people and literally hundreds of other organizations out there fighting against porn and sex addiction too.

Can you see the big picture? Come to the CROSSROADS, and we’ll show you.

Visit often. Take courage. Follow your own direction.


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